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2 and 3 bedrooms plus garage

Gregorie Ferry Towns is a new townhomes community designed to provide the local workforce an attainable opportunity to buy a new home and enjoy all that Mount Pleasant has to offer.

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Gregorie Ferry Towns by Prosperity Builders

New Townhomes Community

2 & 3 Bedrooms

1,036 –1,270 Square Feet

From $269,900 – $285,000

The time is now

Turn the dream of owning a new home in Mount Pleasant into reality.

School teachers. Restaurant workers. Hospitality and Healthcare workers. Firefighters. Police officers. They serve as the backbone of our community, yet the rise in housing costs has made it virtually impossible for them to purchase a new home in Mt. Pleasant. Gregorie Ferry Towns is the answer. This new townhomes community offers thirty-six 2 and 3 bedroom units, each with its own garage and all conveniently located off Highway 17 – minutes from great schools, healthcare, shopping, recreation and more.

Gregorie Ferry Towns kitchen with premium finishes and features

New in Mt. Pleasant

Well-equipped 2 and 3 bedroom townhomes from the mid $200s.

Gregorie Ferry Towns units come with a host of luxury features you might not expect to be standard, including:

• 9-foot ceilings
• Granite countertops
• 42-inch cabinets
• Subway tile back splash
• Stainless steel appliances
• Luxury vinyl floor planking
• And much more!

Convenience matters

Stop commuting and paying rent. Start building equity and wealth.

Homeownership continues to rank among the most productive investments available to the American worker. For some, it means no more paying rent. Instead, the money you spend goes toward building equity in your own home. For others, it means no more long commutes. You’ll be able to live near your place of work, giving you more time to enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard to create. It’s a great way to build wealth, and for many, to reduce their tax burden. Most importantly, Gregorie Ferry Towns is a new townhomes community that empowers homebuyers to establish a permanent place to live and raise a family. To take pride in. To call home. And if your household income doesn’t exceed $65,700 – you’re already on your way.

Service industry workers can afford new townhomes at Gregorie Ferry Towns.

The Developers

Prosperity Builders, LLC & Housing For All – Mt. Pleasant

Gregorie Ferry Towns is a cooperative effort between Prosperity Builders, LLC and Housing For All – Mount Pleasant.

Committed to bringing new construction housing options to Mt. Pleasant at attainable prices through innovative efficient design and cutting edge development strategies.

Their shared goal is to reduce traffic, commute times and individual transportation costs by providing new construction housing where large portions of the local workforce cannot currently afford to own a home.

This strengthens the local community, and helps homebuyers create wealth and household net worth.

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Live Better

Home ownership in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

Gregorie Ferry Towns is near many amenities in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

New Construction

2 and 3 bedrooms from the mid $200s

Attain Financiing

No down payments with credit approval

Desirable Location

Close to schools, shopping and more

Reduced Commute

Less time and travel for workers

Buy versus rent

Experience the financial advantages of home ownership.

Historically, home ownership has proven to be an extremely effective way to accumulate wealth. Rather than paying rent and generating no equity in the property, home ownership enables the owner to build equity over time. Each monthly payment pays down the principle owed so that each month, the buyer actually owns a little more of their home. And once the loan is satisfied, the buyer owns the home outright. Additionally, if the home appreciates in value – and history indicates it will – the wealth generated can be significant.

Latest News

Gregorie Ferry Towns has brought affordable, high quality workforce housing to Mount Pleasant. We hope you’ll take a few minutes to read what the press has had to say about this important and innovative community.

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Homebuyers can attain special financing with no down payments.

For many, the biggest obstacles to home ownership are a down payment and qualifying for financing. Thanks to a special arrangement between Housing For All – Mount Pleasant and several local lenders, we can help overcome those barriers. Meet the first qualification with an income of up to $65,700.*

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Housing For All Mount Pleasant, a Prosperity Builders partner
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    Buyers agents protected and compensated.

    DISCLAIMER: These marketing materials do not guaranty or otherwise warrant that “wealth” will be accumulated or savings will be realized in connection with the purchase of a Regime Unit. Prospective Purchaser understands and acknowledges that the sales price of the Units are restricted to provide affordable housing opportunities to subsequent purchasers of the Regime Units for seventy five (75) years from the date that the certificate of occupancy is issued and that the Prospective Purchaser’s return on investment is limited by the aforementioned restrictions. Furthermore, in order to fully qualify to purchase a Regime Unit, documentation will be required to verify your income consistent with the Developer’s qualification program. REGIME AS REFLECTED NEED NOT BE BUILT; PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS IN DRAFT FORM ONLY AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

    *Subject to credit review and approval.